Business simulations

A realistic and immersive learning experience

Experience the impact of a tailor-made business simulation that is realistic, challenging, and interactive. Discover how our business simulations provide participants with a profound learning experience, allowing them to directly experience the consequences and outcomes of their choices, actions, and behavior.

What is a business simulation?

A business simulation is an interactive learning experience where participants engage in a simulated business environment. It is a realistic simulation that reflects the actual challenges and decision-making of your organization. During the simulation, participants can assume various roles such as managers, leaders, or team members, and they are challenged to make strategic decisions and deal with complex situations.

A realistic experiment full of insights

In a business simulation, employees can develop their leadership skills, practice strategic thinking, and improve teamwork. They can experiment with different approaches and directly experience the consequences of their decisions. This allows them to gain valuable insights and experiences without any risks for the actual organization.

Learning through interaction

The interactive nature of the simulation actively engages participants in the learning process. They are challenged to collaborate, solve problems, and develop effective strategies. At the same time, they can experiment with different approaches and directly experience the consequences of their decisions. This safe environment provides an opportunity to learn from mistakes and is characterized by numerous learning moments. Through this shared learning experience, all participants gain insights that they cannot simply overlook and will never forget.

Fully customized

InContext offers fully customized business simulations that perfectly align with the specific needs and goals of your organization. Whether it’s the focus, objectives, group size, or duration of the simulation, we extensively tailor everything to your organization to develop a customized program. We provide flexible formats such as online, face-to-face, and hybrid simulations.

With over 30 years of experience, we create simulations that accurately reflect your organization, including its structure, roles, strategy, and culture. Our unique software ensures real-time realistic results and an impactful learning experience. Discover the power of business simulations through the experiences of GSK and Interxion.

Safe environment for experimenting

With our business simulation, employees can experiment, learn, and directly experience the impact on strategy and change. Unforgettable learning moments guaranteed.

Insights on a deeper level

Business simulations reflect your organization, practice recognizable situations for new behavior. It provides employees with insight and a mirror for behavior, beliefs, practices, and mindset.

Immersive experience

Participants experience direct effects of decisions, gain insight into their contribution to success. This allows for immediate integration of improvements in practice.

Fully customized

InContext develops customized business simulations for your organization. They can be used for any purpose, at any desired moment, for multidisciplinary teams, and for international organizations.

Brochure Business Simulations

Brochure Business Simulations

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