Fugro Fleet Services

Fugro is a global leader in geological research for the energy, construction and nautical industries. Within the organization, Fleet Services does the maintenance of the specialized survey vessels and is also responsible for the health and safety of the personnel on board. We speak with Remko Kloos, Global Director Fleet Services, about the cooperation with and added value of InContext.


‘Path to Profitable Growth’
After many years of growth, the corona crisis erupted in early 2020, affecting the deployability of ships and support personnel. The decline in revenue initiated a strategic reorientation in which Remko saw opportunities for more effective decision-making in the organization.

Smarter and better

Fleet Services’ ambition to properly embed this change was enormous. Remko: “Decisions were always taken high up in the organization, but that limited decisiveness and agility. And that doesn’t work in our business; our people must have a certain freedom to do their work well and act quickly. I wanted to secure that change properly without compromising the business, that was paramount.”

Fugro Fleet Services

Fugro had already worked successfully with InContext in the past, so the step to the next collaboration was easily made. InContext’s assignment was to shape the concept of self-directed teams together with management and employees and then also to support its implementation with coaching of the self-directed teams and management.

“To continuously keep the business running in a complex and challenging environment and focus on that, InContext had to take a highly proactive role.”

Freedom, progress and synergy

Remko realizes that his assignment with InContext was not an easy one: “Our business had to be able to go on continuously in a complex and challenging environment. To focus on that, it was important for InContext to work proactively and independently. And that also required tremendous flexibility, because the teams’ first priority was always the business.”

“In working toward working in self-directed teams, the individual conversations and team sessions were very powerful and valuable and actually an immediate first step in the strategy.”


Transition, right from the start

In order to place decision-making lower down in the organization and allow teams to operate more effectively within it, a start was made with a clear vision and strategy. In line with Fugro’s values – customer focus, excellent execution, teamwork and good citizenship – a mix of ‘thinking’ and ‘doing’ emerged. The ambition was shaped by individual conversations and team sessions in which everyone could and was allowed to contribute. Remko: “In working towards working in self-directed teams, this was very powerful and valuable and actually a first step in the strategy. As a client, I particularly wanted to secure the lines of communication, progress and involvement in this.”

Keeping the business going continuously brought enormous challenges for InContext. Because after the start of the corona crisis in 2020, the market began to recover. With wonderful opportunities for Fleet Services and at the same time the possibility to put the strategy into practice. This also put pressure on the time for further development, elaboration and embedding. But InContext would not be InContext if smart solutions were not found for these challenges. Is part of the team unable to travel? Then we provide hybrid sessions. Is the team in a busy and hectic period? Then we arrange short(er) moments in small teams. Do the changes fade into the background because of the busy period? Then we develop effective communication tools together in order not to lose focus.

“InContext created a safe environment where pain points and need for change were also exposed with great respect. That balance was essential.”

Remko Kloos looks back on the project with a good feeling and a lot of pride. There is a solid strategy, the business is running well and employees have been able to actively contribute ideas. Remko: “I am proud of the way in which we have involved employees and the way in which MT members now lead their teams. InContext has played an integral role in this. We got to know each other better and a safe environment was created for everyone in which pain points and need for change were also exposed with great respect for people. I found that balance enormously valuable.”

Giant step forward

Now at the end of the collaboration, the results are undeniable. Remko: “I have a close management team in which people work with heart and soul, in which people know each other, trust each other and build on each other.” And how does that manifest itself in practice? “I see that colleagues seek each other out more easily, ask for help, listen better and also dare to ask for feedback.”

“InContext has made it better than I thought beforehand.”

Remko looks back with great pleasure on the cooperation with InContext in which there was both an eye for progress and results, but also a good consideration of the circumstances. “InContext always involved me at the right moments which allowed me to adjust in time where necessary or that we could think together about a good next step.” adds Remko. “I expect from a partner that they take their responsibility and engage me when necessary. InContext has always done that and thus also made the process better than I had thought beforehand. I look back on the cooperation with great pleasure and look forward to the concluding sessions in the near future.”

With great thanks to Remko Kloos, Global Director Fugro Fleet Services, Dennis Bastiaenen, Jeroen van Berkom en Thijs Bosselaar.


Foto credits: Chris Parker / Fugro Aust Marin