Case Study – Danone

Case Study - Danone

What is the best way to approach our challenges regarding the formulation of a new vision and determining and keeping focus?

The Quality and Food Safety organization (QFS) has many extremely competent and highly motivated professionals, who can measure themselves with the best in the world in their specific areas of knowledge. A common vision, alignment, leadership and mutual confidence were challenges for Danone’s QFS.

Valérie Sieurin about InContext

Valérie Sieurin: “I decided to work with Thomas Benedict from InContext in a series of workshops to develop my organization in these areas. The first thing I liked was that the consultant did not take my own program and dive into a session, but asked to interview my Quality Directors first, before we decided on a final program.

The sessions were intensive: we developed an enormous amount of alignment and the deliverables were impressive, but some raw nerves and deep challenges became visible as well. Throughout this process, the consultant was direct, respectful, energetic, transparent, and able to look at us from a process point-of-view. He helped us navigate difficult areas and to resolve entrenched issues.”


“For me personally the consultant won my confidence by listening and understanding. Respecting me in the challenge I face and my style of leadership. I know what I want and where I want to go and what I want to achieve with the team. He influenced me in a nice way and guided me and my team to work on what was needed. He respected my wishes and put in the right elements to succeed.

One important thing that Thomas could have improved is more signposting: helping the participants register their improvements and connect them to their own leadership story. This would have made the improvement more conscious and tangible for each team member.”


“In the last months, the Quality and Food Safety organization has made enormous steps forward. There is a shared vision, we use golden rules and we focus on our priorities. This is not only visible within QFS, but is noticeable throughout Danone Baby Nutrition. Our work with InContext has contributed significantly to this.

I would recommend Thomas as a consultant to any global team with different cultures that needs to improve and succeed together, except in organizations that are very stiff and formal.”

Case Study Danone

“We developed an enormous amount of alignment and the deliverables were impressive.”

Valérie Sieurin – Danone Baby Nutrition Quality & Food Safety