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Leadership is often depicted as an exciting and glamorous endeavor, one in which you as a leader or team are perceived as the one who knows in which direction the organization needs to move and able to inspire and lead others through difficult but necessary change. But when you are being pushed and pulled by daily events and the people around you, it is extremely hard to create the time and space to step back, see the big picture with new eyes, and move forward with confidence.

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InContext facilitators help you run meetings, workshops, events and offsites with lasting impact. An InContext facilitator, or chairperson for larger events, helps to design an effective and high energy program in close collaboration with all stakeholders. Programs are designed to meet goals and strengthen the connection, leaving space for interaction, creativity and fun. For this, we have a large store of games and tools to energize and enliven your meetings. For larger events we even build tailor made games or simulations, with amazing results.

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Training & Coaching

InContext trainers are at their best in organizations that are difficult to understand, for example due to complexity or high-tech innovations or technology. They enter organizations with a curious and inquisitive attitude and combine business knowledge with a people-oriented approach.

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Business Simulations

Nearly every organization faces an ongoing challenge to ensure alignment, end-to-end thinking, and understanding how to contribute to the big picture. You often see that there is a fantastic strategy on paper. But do employees understand what this means for their role? And what is the why behind the strategy? A business simulation reveals the drivers of collaboration, connection and success. With this experience you create a group of business changers.

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Serious Gaming and Tools

The serious business games and tools of InContext are a fun, competitive, and challenging extension to personal and organizational development. Through recognizable situations, participants are challenged to experiment,

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