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The external context in which your organization operates changes rapidly and in unpredictable ways, due in large measure to developments outside the control of your company. Globalization, advanced digital technologies, societal and political shifts, and environmental issues are just a few examples of major drivers of change. Being able to change at pace with this new reality, as a leader and an organization, will be key to remaining relevant and successful in the long-term.

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Organizational Culture

Culture is a condition for productivity, innovation, connection and job satisfaction for any organization. However, the opposite is also true: a culture that does not work, hinders the organization from achieving goals and moving forward. Moreover, it can be an energy drain, which comes at the expense of motivation and engagement.

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As leaders develop and grow, they influence, develop and change their organization. They develop a new vision and strategies, embrace opportunities, conduct experiments, grow people and find better ways. And that’s just the beginning. This is why we believe that leadership development and organisational development are connected. At InContext, we know that great leaders build great organisations. InContext consultants love to engage with, facilitate and support this process!

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Learning and Development

More than ever before people are the differentiators in organizations. In a world with more change, complexity and diversity than ever before, the only way to remain relevant is through learning and development

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