The expertise of InContext 

InContext helps organizations develop into a lasting and inspiring work environment. We connect business objectives with what people need to do and can do. We don’t rely on standard products; instead, we develop customized solutions for each challenge. This can involve training programs or courses, cultural change initiatives, transformation projects, onboarding processes, or team development. Our focus is always on influencing human behavior within organizations. It’s always inspiring. And it’s always effective. We would be happy to provide you with an overview of the possibilities.

Consulting Gamification

Transformation & Change

Discover how organizations can achieve lasting success in a constantly changing world.

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Strengthen the organizational culture

Organizational culture

A powerful organizational culture contributes to the success of your organization.

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Consultancy Team Flow Index Serious Gaming InContext


Develop the skills and insights necessary to demonstrate inspirational leadership and lead teams to success.

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Business Games

Team Development

Learn how teams can grow through effective collaboration, communication, and harnessing individual talents.

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InContext team Gamification


Increase the engagement, motivation, and productivity of your employees by onboarding them into your organization from day one.

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Learning & Development

Learning & Development

The growth and development of employees play a crucial role in improving performance and engagement.

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Teams leiden

Conversation technique

Open and honest conversations promote communication, collaboration, and growth within organizations.

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Our services

Our expertise goes beyond what is described here. Take a look at our services as well. 

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