Case Study – Panalpina

How can 15,000 people in more than 80 countries adept to a global way of working and at the same time act locally? How to balance operational excellence versus customer intimacy? Or individual freedom versus collective interests?


InContext designed and developed an impactful company simulation. This innovative company simulation contributes to a shared vision on the organization and way of working, a shared feeling for the burning platform of global thinking and embedding (new) values through a learning experience.

By deducing the core processes, workings of the organization and KPI’s from intakes in the business, InContext was able to create a simulation (MeXus) that exactly reflected the key elements of the organization and business model. It is a robust, engaging and challenging simulation of key processes, to be used in different settings to explore leadership behavior, decision making, dealing with change, values implementation and value creation.


More than 300 managers – including the top 100 – participated in MeXus. They called MeXus a life long lasting, impactful and mindset changing experience. The participants generated in depth understanding of what Panalpina needs to stay successful in a sustainable way and what this entails from them.

“Bloody hell, if this is actually how we really operate, we have to do something about it.”