Making a lasting first impression

At InContext, we understand the importance of building strong connections with and among your employees. Successful onboarding is essential for talent retention, promoting organization-wide collaboration, achieving business results, maintaining and strengthening cohesion, and preserving the organizational culture. A successful onboarding process kickstarts your new employees and has a lasting impact.

What is “InContext” style onboarding?

If you ask us, onboarding goes beyond simply welcoming new employees, assigning them a workspace, and explaining processes and systems. It is a process that revolves around the organizational culture, mission, vision, the team’s role, collaboration with colleagues, and shaping one’s own purpose. More importantly, it’s about making new employees truly feel welcome. This leads to greater success, engagement, and higher retention rates.

Customized Onboarding for Your Organization

Onboarding goes beyond mere information transfer. It focuses on the success of new employees within your organization. We not only emphasize what the organization wants, but also what the employee needs. Our approach addresses individual needs and creates a perfect balance between content, action, reflection, practice, and an unforgettable experience. Group onboarding also strengthens the bond among new employees.

More Than Just Work

Many organizations have orientation programs to familiarize employees with their tasks. However, for effective functioning within an organization, the integration of all aspects is essential. Therefore, successful onboarding requires integration into the HR strategy and a comprehensive approach to integrating new employees.

Co-Creating Development

We strongly believe in co-creation. Together with you, we develop an onboarding program that aligns perfectly with your organization and employees. We focus on individual needs, enabling employees to thrive within your organization. Our flexible approach allows for variable duration based on factors such as intensity, employee needs, organizational complexity, and objectives. Our aim is to make new employees feel at home in your organization right from the start.

We are happy to assist you in improving your onboarding process. Contact us today for a successful start for your employees.

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Flexible Programs

Onboarding is an ongoing process. Changes in your organization and the world around us may necessitate adjustments and improvements to the onboarding program.

We provide comprehensive support for your organization, whether it involves developing a brand-new onboarding program or revitalizing and enhancing existing ones.


"I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you. Sometimes, the introduction process at a company can feel a bit formal and rigid. I had some concerns about that at the beginning of the onboarding program. However, you really managed it well, bringing the right amount of energy, humor, and challenge. Thank you so much."

Participant in the Onboarding Program

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