A memorable kickstart

You can ensure your employees get an intensive induction to your organization from day 1, giving them a content-rich kickstart, getting to know the values of your organization and are introduced to their new colleagues from the get-go.

InContext works with you to make sure that everyone within your organization has the same start, promoting unity and shortening the familiarization process.

We can help you achieve this through a state-of-the-art onboarding program.


An onboarding program is never finished. Changes within your organization or in society, combined with insights from previous onboarding experiences, can lead to your onboarding being changed, optimized or refined.

We optimize our own programs, but can also offer support by updating your own existing onboarding programs.


Development, organization, facilitation

For the last 25 years, InContext has focused on creating experiences that bring about change in the way people behave, work and perceive their surroundings.

We use these experiences, in combination with smart thinking, creativity and enthusiasm, to develop extraordinary and unconventional onboarding. We offer: 



      • Our consultants and facilitators guide and support (groups of) new employees through the program, are in-tune with the dynamics and give professional feedback and advice. They are able to sense and, if necessary, influence group dynamics.
      • In addition, we have years of experience in developing and giving Train-the-trainer sessions. We can train and coach your internal facilitators and project managers so that your own people can carry out the onboarding.
      • This can also be done gradually: with a for example, monthly onboarding event, we transfer more and more to your internal trainers and project managers, so that you can ultimately carry out the onboarding yourselves.

Development & organization

      • We manage the entire program, from design to execution.
      • We offer onboardings with a perfect balance between content, action, reflection, practice and an unforgettable ‘WOW experience’.
      • Inspiring locations, inventive and state-of-the-art interventions, outdoor and indoor, professional guidance, acute observations and feedback.

“I want to thank you all very much. Sometimes the introduction to a company can be a bit of a formal affair. I was afraid that would be the case at the beginning of the onboarding. You really did well, with the right amount of dynamism, humor and challenge”

Quote participant

Three levels of onboarding

01. Function & content

Clear and focused method to get new employees up and running.

The focus is mainly on content: processes, knowledge, departments, etc.

Indispensable for fast-growing organizations that have difficulty with the induction of new employees.

02. Connection & involvement

Linking employees with the vision, strategy, values and the ‘why’ of the organization.

Getting to know the people in your organization.

A plus when it comes to attracting and retaining millennials.

03. Extend & deepen

Helping your managers connect seamlessly to the onboarding, creating togetherness between the different layers of the organization.

An unforgettable shared experience ensuring a degree of unanimity across the board.