Training & coaching

Business development & Personal growth 


Our talented trainers combine in-depth business knowledge with a people-centric approach. We strive for a deep understanding of your organizational context and develop training programs that align perfectly with the reality of your company. Whether it’s individual participants or a group, our trainers adapt flexibly to meet specific needs and goals. We ensure that skills are conveyed in an authentic and directly applicable way, resulting in immediate impact within your own context.

At InContext, we embrace a culture of growth and continuous improvement. Our trainers create a safe and stimulating learning environment in which each participant is challenged to maximize their potential. Through interactive methods, reflection, collaboration, and experiential learning, we provide a powerful training experience that stays with the participants.


At InContext, we believe in the power of personal and professional development. Our experienced coaches play an essential role in guiding individuals on their unique path to growth. We encourage, facilitate, reflect, and appreciate behavior, leading to deep self-awareness, a broader range of choices, and personal growth. Respect, empathy, and perspective-taking form the core of our coaching approach.

With sincere curiosity, our coaches ask targeted questions to understand the complex connections and influences. This enables participants to gain insight into both the visible and invisible systems and dynamics that impact their lives and work. This opens the door to making conscious choices and expanding their sphere of influence.

"Honestly, I was a bit apprehensive about attending a 2-day online training on (un)desired behavior in the workplace. However, the trainer created an environment where I felt safe to be open and honest with colleagues whom I had only known by name until then. Time flew by! I found it to be an enjoyable, informative, and insightful program that has helped me collaborate better with my colleagues."

Participants Training – ‘Working Together with Trust’