InContext consultancy makes a difference

A fresh perspective brings innovative insights
At InContext, we believe that innovation begins with a fresh perspective. Our consultants are ready to support leaders in transforming, changing, and improving their organizations. Instead of just providing advice, we go further. We structure, analyze, guide, and ask challenging questions. Our role is to add new insights, giving you the time and space to zoom out, see the bigger picture with fresh eyes, and move forward with confidence.

Tangible results, immediately noticeable
At InContext, we get people, teams, and organizations in motion. Our versatile consultants provide immediate added value through their extensive knowledge, expertise, and experience. How? By placing your question, your team, your organization, and your context at the center. Always.

Collaborating for success and progress
At InContext, it’s all about you and your organization. We go above and beyond to make the best contribution, with expertise, creativity, and attention to detail. We ensure that everyone can contribute, leading to a pleasant collaboration and the achievement of set goals and results.

Decisive, fast, and valuable
The consultants at InContext understand your organization and have a keen ability to identify challenges and opportunities. Through close collaboration, we bring vision and strategy to life. With extensive experience in leadership development, innovative practices, and improving collaboration, we create value for your organization, customers, and the environment.

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