Vision & strategy


A good vision provides an organisation with an identity. It defines shared values as well as what success looks like, and gives all stakeholders a reason to care about the organisation.

A good vision provides a common ambition – the longest-term goal for the organisation; something to aim for. In this sense the vision provides a starting point for strategy, which is about how to move towards this ambition. Our consultants have wide-ranged knowledge and experience and are looking forward to support you in developing and defining your vision and strategy.



Strategy is about making choices in a complex and continuously changing environment and allocating scarce resources to be able to achieve the desired results. As the world has become less predictable and more volatile, strategic thinking is not only the job of the senior leaders. Leaders and teams throughout organisations need to think strategically about reaching their goals.

To define strategy, the strategic context needs to be explored. Options and questions need to be defined and answered. InContext consultants support and accompany you in making choices about allocating resources, and pursuing opportunities.

What you can expect

01. Involvement

InContext guides the exploration, envisioning, conceptualization, the formulation and implementation of vision and strategy for small and large businesses or business units.

Particularly the vision of an organisation, but also the strategy, should be the result of a process to which all levels of the organisation can contribute. This is a complex task, especially for large organisations. Our consultants design a customised approach for each organisation, so that large groups may be involved in the process, without it leading to chaos, endless processes or indecision.

02. Define and formulate

Our consultants support your employees in taking the right steps in defining and formulating vision and strategy. Each session is prepared minutely, facilitated with care and attention and well documented, so that the results can feed into the next steps of the process.

03. Deploying your vision & strategy

InContext works with internal experts of your organisation to create and deploy a communication plan. This to make sure vision and strategy are not only understood but also embraced throughout the organisation.

We like to select or develop creative, appealing tools, like games and simulations to not only involve people, but to immerse them in the envisioned organisation.

04. Vision and strategy come to life

InContext facilitates your organisation to deploy vision and strategy throughout the whole organisation, and translate them into practical day-to-day actions, choices and behaviour. The main objective being that the day-to-day behavior and the manner in which employees interact with each other and customers actually demonstrates and expresses the concepts that were decided upon. Only then, your vision and strategy truly do come to life.

“Great vision and strategy are daily reference points throughout the organisation”

Thomas Benedict – Director and founder InContext

Sense of purpose: more than shareholder value alone

An organisation that can develop its purpose further than maximizing shareholder value, has social impact and, in the end, creates more shareholder value. A sense of purpose pays off. However, the way to get there is far from easy. Devising a sound strategy is a rational process and knowing where your strategy needs to take you requires vision.

It’s less about strictly rational concepts, it’s about identity, how people feel about the organisation, and the values the organisation represents. A future you want to build together.

Sense of purpose