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The environment in which your organization operates changes rapidly and in unpredictable ways, in large measure due to developments outside the control of your company. Globalization, advanced digital technologies, societal and political shifts, and environmental issues are just a few examples of major drivers of change.

Being able to adapt and change at pace with this new reality, as a leader and an organization, will be key to remaining relevant and successful in the long-term. Yet, something only really changes if there is a change in people’s everyday behavior. There is no better organization than InContext when it comes to change management facilitation and support.

InContext consultants work closely with your experts and leaders to support change and transformation efforts, but more fundamentally to build the capabilities to make ongoing transformation a part of the daily operation.

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01. Each organization is unique

InContext uses a targeted approach to change management, exclusively and wholly in the context of your company. No company is the same as another. The size, vision, the strategy, the organizational form and the employees are all factors combining to produce a sum total that is always different. There are organizations with strong lines of command, organizations made up mainly of professionals, organizations where various interpersonal relationships are disfunctional or confused in some way, where departments have been added or where new sections need to be integrated.

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03. Sustaining the capacity for change

InContext facilitates, coaches, supports, evaluates and monitors the change trajectory and puts targeted instruments in place to support employees as day-to-day work practices alter. We do all this, and always with your own desired outcomes as our starting point and in the closest collaboration and partnership with our client. The InContext method anchors this change process in your organization and creates a high impact, sustainable result with an on-going capacity for change.

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02. Impact in change

We approach every issue in the field of change management from the perspective of your own unique situation, focusing on realizing the goals which you have set. The key word here is ‘impact’.  We do everything we can to get people moving so that they are able to contribute to the organizational change. InContext is the change professional. Change management for us is never a standard process, nor a goal in itself, but a focused approach precisely aligned and synchronized with your issues and your company.

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04. Creating movement

An important key point in change management is getting the organization moving. InContext’s working method is characterized by the creation of movement. We affect people, touch them, create experiences with impact, so much so that that they start to shift and move. We help clients to realize the six factors for successful change, bearing the final result in the forefront of our minds and our actions the whole time. We always use innovative methods and means, and sometimes we use them in unorthodox ways.

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