Transformation & Change

Transformation is crucial

Transformation is crucial in a rapidly changing and unpredictable environment. At InContext, we understand that the world around your organization is constantly evolving due to external influences such as globalization, advancements in digital technologies, societal and political shifts, and environmental issues. As a leader and organization, it is essential to adapt and transform in order to remain relevant and successful in the long term.


Getting started with your transformation

At InContext, we specialize in facilitating and guiding transformation. Our consultants work closely with your experts and leaders to support change and transformation efforts. We not only assist in implementing changes but also in developing the capabilities needed to make sustainable transformation a part of everyday practice.

Whether your organization has already embarked on a change journey or has transformation planned, we are ready to assist you. Please feel free to contact us and discover how we can deliver tailored transformation for your organization.

Our transformation principles in summary 

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Customized transformation

At InContext, we apply a targeted approach to change management that is fully aligned with the context of your company. Each company is unique, with various factors such as size, industry, vision, strategy, organizational structure, and employees. Therefore, each situation requires an individual approach.

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The transformation process

At InContext, we do not take over the responsibility for change management, but rather support leaders in their role in the transformation process. We facilitate, coach, provide support, monitor the course, and utilize targeted tools that support the change in employees’ daily practices.

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Impact in change

At InContext, we approach every change management challenge from your unique situation, with special attention to achieving your objectives. Impact is crucial in this process. We strive to mobilize people, enabling them to actively contribute to the organizational change.

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Creating movement

InContext instills movement within your organization by inspiring and activating people. We create impactful experiences and encourage everyone to take action. With innovative and sometimes unconventional methods, we help our clients achieve transformation with clear and lasting change outcomes as the objective.

E-book - De 5 stappen van cultuurverandering

Transformation in organizational culture

We do not unnecessarily complicate the process of changing the organizational culture. In this inspiring e-book, you will find the necessary background and a five-step approach to strengthen the culture within your organization.