Team Development

Build a successful team

Building a successful team doesn’t happen by chance; it requires a thoughtful approach. With over 30 years of experience in coaching and team development, we help teams and their leaders build a powerful team. We go beyond achieving performance goals. We break down silos, address conflicts, and create an environment where team members can grow and have fun.

Building a Successful Team

A team is much more than a group of people working together. At InContext, we believe that mutual trust, personal leadership, and a focus on team development are the keys to happy and productive teams. By creating the right dynamics, we encourage effective collaboration and improve results. A successful team is a place where everyone can be themselves, where success is appreciated, and where there is attention given to concerns and uncertainties.

Customized Team Development

No team is the same. Each team has unique needs and challenges, depending on the environment and individual team members. We understand these differences and adapt our methods to achieve the maximum potential of your team.

We fully customize our approach to your specific situation, taking into consideration the unique needs and challenges that arise from the environment and individual team members. We are ready to support teams in creating an environment where everyone can be themselves, where individual growth and concerns receive the necessary attention. Together, we tackle challenges and stimulate real growth, both at the individual and collective level.

Serious Gaming: Powerful and Interactive in Team Development
Serious gaming is an effective tool in team development. It provides a valuable addition to implement changes in an interactive way, giving employees the opportunity to experiment within a safe environment and experience new behaviors. At InContext, we utilize our advanced tools, including Team Flow Index, Quadrality, and TeamUP, to analyze issues and significantly propel your team forward. With serious gaming as powerful instruments, we elevate team development to a higher level.

Whitepaper Development of leadership, collaboration and trust in teams

Whitepaper: Strengthen your team

Would you like to learn more about how you can develop and strengthen leadership, collaboration, and trust within your team? Download our free whitepaper here, which provides background information and concrete tips!

Want to get more out of your team? These serious games can contribute

Fizzinity Game Mobile


Fizzinity is an inspiring team-building game that helps teams to (re)connect with each other, get to know each other better, and have fun, even if you’re partially working from home as a team.

TeamUp Feedback challenge 2


TeamUp allows your team to experience the impact of a free flow of feedback. Colleagues get to know each other better, and as teams progress in the game, they are increasingly challenged.