Quadrality Platform

Sustainable organizational change

By using the Quadrality platform you are able to quickly realize an online, interactive game-environment in which participants encounter recognizable challenges, have to make decisions, and experience and learn from the subsequent consequences. Furthermore, the platform offers participants insights in each other’s perspectives.

The Quadrality platform can be used for multiple organizational issues and challenges such as onboarding, strategy change, the implementation of core values and (culture) change. Quadrality is developed in such a way that your organizational specific content can be integrated in the already existing platform, quickly and efficiently.

Why Quadrality? 

⮕ Reinforces the dialogue about new insights, policies or objectives

 A direct and recognizable relationship with the daily practice

⮕ Connects abstract concepts with desired behavior

⮕ By using the existing platform you can develop a tailor-made game at low cost

⮕ Gamification is innovative and fun

⮕ Quadrality stimulates an extensive dialogue between participants

Quadrality doesn’t request physical presence, a game can be played online too. When using the online version a facilitator is virtually present to facilitate a game and the players participate remotely. When using the physical version iPads are used to play a game.

How does it work?

By throwing a dice, it is determined whether participants are facing a challenge, event, opportunity or dilemma. Participants discuss this with each other and are encouraged to make decisions that are in line with the desired change. The answers given are linked to KPIs and the impact on the organisation, employees and customers is measured. The ultimate goal is to achieve the highest possible collective score as a team.



Employees gain insight into the connection between their daily work and the development of the organisation.

Employees are encouraged to make decisions and act in line with the desired (behavioural) change.

Employees gain more insight into their own perspective and motives and those of others.

Experience of participants


“When I heard our core
values for the first time, I thought this is, again, something made up by headquarters and not really relevant for me. After playing this game I really get why we have these core values and how I can apply this into my daily activities.”


“I really liked playing this game
with my team and discussing together how to encounter challenges or respond to a dilemma
aligned with our core values.”


“This game helped me to start
the conversation about what we should
do or stop doing so we grow together as one organization and achieve our ambitions.”


“During the game as a team we had so much
fun figuring out all the questions and reaching
for the highest score. Loved it!”


A better team atmosphere, inclusion and cooperation

By using TeamworkQT team members learn to recognize and resolve challenges. By being facing recognizable team situations, they discover preferred team styles, research alternatives, gain insight into each other’s qualities, and learn to appreciate and utilize it. This contributes to a better team atmosphere, inclusion and cooperation.



  • Improve the communication and multidisciplinary cooperation
  • Increase the understanding and appreciation of each other’s role and input within teams
  • Learn how to give and receive feedback
  • More insights in one’s own qualities and pitfalls and those of colleagues within the team

How does it work?

Playing TeamworkQT takes about 2 hours. The game is played by teams on the Quadrality platform which is an online, interactive game environment in which players encounter recognizable team challenges, have to make decisions and experience and learn from the corresponding consequences. TeamworkQT can be played face-to face and also online.



  • Collectively resolve conflicts and address problems
  • Experience the added value of having real conversations
  • Find ways to bridge the differences
  • Improve the team performance