Teambuilding. Engagement. Fun.

Remote cooperation requires solid teamwork. Fizzinity supports teambuilding without the necessity to get together. By fulfilling assignments you get to know your colleagues, improve cooperation and above all you enjoy yourself. The online game has the fun and energy of a pubquiz, next to that it is developed to improve the cooperation, connection and communication within your team. By playing, you discover what is needed to be able to approach complex issues as a team.

What makes Fizzinity unique

Fizzinity works because it is not a copy of an already existing offline game, but is specially designed for online use.

Fizzinity is created by working together with colleagues. Therefore, no game is the same and each player gets a personal and unique experience.

Taking turns, the players select how the game continues. This way, the game stays challenging and fun for all players.

Fizzinity is played together and against each other. Players cooperate but also compete with each other.


Teambuilding: creating virtual connected teams

Teamwork: improve the remote collaboration

Engagement: having fun and creating new stories together

Get to know your colleagues

How does it work?

The game is played online and the score of the whole team counts! To prepare for the game, every team member answers some questions such as: “Which extraordinary hobby do you have?” or “Which quote typically defines you?” During the game participants are challenged to link the input to their colleagues. Next to that, the team has to resolve puzzles, gets portray assignments and participants individually have to answer questions. The game builds up bonds, makes team members proud and stimulates them to share the success stories of the team.



 Playing time: 1 – 2 hours

€155 per game, 8 – 12 participants

Play Fizzinity on your mobile phone and connect via Zoom, Microsoft teams or Google Hangout

Participants’ feedback


“Thank you so much for the great demo.
It was valuable and we have been laughing
a lot. A great game to get to know each other.

– Jolanda van Loggem, Program Manager Early Career Acceleration Program ASML


“We played Fizzinity this weekend with the
whole family.It was great! It was very nice to do something together during Corona, in a time we aren’t able to meet one another.”

– Kim Meijer, HR People Development ASML


“During digital meetings people appear to
have less room for making small talk, which
in face-to-face conversations is a solid basis for connection. With Fizzinity one’s able to create a bond digitally.

– Marek Kruszel, Projectleider Gemeente Amsterdam