The 5 steps of cultural change within your organisation

Rapid developments in society and technology demand new business models. Attention to the organisational culture is essential in this respect. This E-book contains an innovative step-by-step plan for culture change that is both simple and practical.

Culture is essential for every organisation. How do people interact with each other? And with customers? What choices do they make or not? What unwritten rules exist and how are they enforced? This is all culture. And that, in turn, influences the essentials for the organisation, such as (team) performance, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, costs, turnover and profit. Culture therefore determines the success of every organisation and should be a top priority for every leader.

The 5 steps of cultural change

The current situation in the world is forcing teams to focus on their own development. What kind of leadership do we need, how to cooperate and how do we develop trust?

In this whitepaper we discuss different kinds of teams and their associated characteristics. We then discuss the relevant personal and team development in the 4 types of teams and the implementation of their management processes and how to establish mutual trust. Finally, four points for consideration to help in choosing the right approach.


Development Leadership - co-operation - trust - within teams

If you want to get started with team building, it is essential to ask yourself what team building actually is and how you can use team building to achieve the desired result.

The whitepaper discusses what is meant by a team and team building, how you can gain the most out of team building and the whitepaper ends with 7 insider tips to focus on before you get started with team building.


Why start with team building - Whitepaper