Serious Gaming

The best solution for an interactive and inspiring learning experience. 

Want to get your organization ready for the future? Want to strengthen your team and get them to make better choices? Also, that employees can experiment in a safe environment, learn from each other or experience the impact of their own choices? Serious games can achieve unprecedented results in all these scenarios.

A steep learning curve
For 30 years, InContext has been the specialist in the development of (online) management games and business simulations for business, government, healthcare, education and consultancy organizations, in the Netherlands and worldwide. For line management, for staff services, for (international) multi-disciplinary teams, for HR and for boards and management teams. In the game, you take decisions based on recognizable scenarios. You get feedback and insight in how things can be done differently. And you get to put it into practice straight away.

Our business games provide impact, fun and lasting results. From small teams to the largest multinationals, our games are always scalable. Your employees will challenge themselves, step outside their comfort zone in an inspiring and safe environment and get to know each other better. In doing so, they will contribute directly to the success of the organization.

Learning = experience 
We believe that people learn best by experiencing and daring to experiment. That is why there is plenty of room to practice with new knowledge, skills and behavior. We choose interactive methods that fit the context and learning preferences of your people. This leads to valuable experiences, concrete learning points and insights that can immediately be applied in working practices.

What makes InContext special?
In theory, anyone can develop a business game. But translating the heart of the organization into recognizable scenarios and combining these with the vision and changes you have in mind, is a special skill. And that is exactly what InContext masters to perfection!

Our games and simulations are so lifelike that, from the first moments, participants no longer realize they are in a different reality. They are challenged to push their limits. Never alone, always together and within their team. With lots of energy and a touch of humor. Just like the real thing.

Want to know more about the possibilities and solutions for your organization? Download our prospectus or contact us for questions or a free demo, we are happy to help!

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Adaptable and versatile 
The best and by far most enjoyable way of learning is by doing and experiencing. Change doesn’t happen by itself and people don’t get into a new dynamic just by telling them what is going to change or why change is needed. Do you want your employees to (virtually) experience the new strategy and the change? Do you want new employees to feel at home quickly or could your team use a boost? Then choose for the proven value of our business games and simulations.


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What are serious games?

Serious Games are also called business simulations or business games. They are being used more and more widely, especially these days, and with good reason.

Long lasting impact
InContext’s Serious Games and business simulations facilitate changes within your organization, ensure constructive dialogue and provide insight into improvements in daily working practices. All games offer a rich and dynamic environment, which makes onboarding, learning, and changing not only more fun, but also ensure memorable experiences and lasting impact.

Your challenges
The world is changing rapidly. (Digital) possibilities are endless, the market requires agility and your employees want to go on developing. Every organization has its own challenges, its own dilemmas and its own objectives. But also, its own culture, its own way of working and its own leadership. That is precisely why the added value of InContext’s simulations and business games is irrefutable:
|>  Boundaries between departments disappear like snow in the sun
|>  No lengthy presentations, but inspiring dialogues
|>  Bridge the dilemma between ongoing business and innovation
|>  Remove the divide between theory and practice
|>  Unravel complex challenges and situations collaboratively
|>  Create a fresh and new perspective for everyone
|>  Strengthen internal cohesion and work meaningfully together

The sky is the limit
InContext offers solutions for all leadership, change, and strategy issues. Based on your own theme or development issue, you can either choose from one of our many existing and flexible options or have a business simulation made to measure.

  • Ready to play For themes such as team development, onboarding, collaboration, and personal development, we offer tools such as Fizzinity and LinkXs. These are very user-friendly, accessible online, and ready to play.
  • Flexible basis
    With our DEBS and Quadrality platforms, we can respond quickly and effectively to the issues that arise within your organization. This keeps costs and development time manageable. The platform is the foundation on which we build very realistic and recognizable situations that reflect the complexity of daily practice.
  • Fully tailored 
    Sometimes there are situations that are so unique that they require 100% customization. Our Business simulations provide your employees with such an unprecedented and meaningful learning environment that the change process is immediately and irreversibly set in motion.

Like to utilize a serious game for your own challenge, but want to review all the possibilities? Call or mail us, we are happy to help you!


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