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Serious impact, serious fun, serious results 

InContext’s serious games facilitate changes within your organization, stimulate constructive dialogues, and provide insights into improvements in daily practices. Through recognizable scenarios, you make decisions, receive feedback, and discover alternative approaches, allowing you to practice directly. Our serious games create a rich and dynamic environment, making learning, changing, and improving more enjoyable and effortless. But most importantly, they deliver a lasting impactful experience for your organization.

Learning through experience

Experience personal and organizational development in a fun, competitive, and challenging manner with InContext’s serious games and tools. By immersing participants in familiar situations, they are encouraged to experiment, make decisions, and immediately experience the effects. Whether it’s about hybrid working, learning culture, communication, or collaboration, our business games and tools facilitate dialogue and provide insights into tangible innovations and improvements for daily practices. Discover impact, enjoyment, and lasting (team) experiences with our business games and tools. Challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone and experience the effects on an individual, team, and department level.

The added value of serious gaming

|> Departmental boundaries disappear as if by magic
|> Bridge the dilemma between ongoing business and innovation
|> Eliminate the dividing line between theory and practice
|> Unravel complex challenges and situations together
|> Create a fresh and new perspective for everyone
|> Strengthen internal cohesion and collaborate meaningfully

Interactive and inspiring experience

InContext offers interactive and inspiring serious games that prepare your organization for the future. Whether it’s improving collaboration, making better decisions, or providing a safe environment for experimentation and learning, our games deliver unparalleled results.

Results and energy from serious gaming

Our serious games generate impact, enjoyment, and lasting results, regardless of the team or organization’s size. Participants are challenged to step outside their comfort zones, get to know each other better, and contribute to the organization’s success. Our games offer an intense and energetic experience, encouraging participants to push their boundaries with a touch of humor.

Natural behavior

InContext serious games bring out natural behavior. In a safe environment, participants can experiment and reflect, exposing team dynamics.


InContext’s serious games can be applied to all leadership, change, and strategy challenges. Based on your theme, challenge, or development question, we will determine the best solution together.

Experiential learning

Participants directly experience the effects of their natural behavior and decisions. These insights and learning points are applicable in daily practice.

Ready-to-play to fully customized

Our range of serious games varies from ready-to-use games to fully customized ones, such as a business simulation.

Our games, your context

Ready to play

For team development, onboarding, collaboration, and personal leadership development, we offer ready-to-play serious games such as TeamUP, Fizzinity, and LinkXs. These games are user-friendly, accessible online, and ready for immediate use.


With our serious gaming platforms such as DEBS, Quadrality, Ixplora, and Fizzinity, we can quickly and effectively address the specific challenges within your organization. This provides clear cost and development time overviews. Our platform provides a solid foundation on which we build realistic and recognizable situations that accurately reflect the complexity of daily practices.

In some cases, situations are so unique that 100% customization is required. Our business simulations provide your employees with an unparalleled and meaningful learning environment, initiating the change process directly and irreversibly.

Online tools

With our online tools, Selfie360 and Team Flow Index, we provide your employees and teams with guidance for their own development and growth. The clear diagnoses offer a powerful overview of current and desired situations.

Discover the power of InContext and set your organization in motion. Together, we achieve extraordinary results.

Kernwaarden gamification

Business simulations

A representation of the organization that allows employees to experience the impact of their choices and behavior.

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TeamUp Feedback challenge 2


Discover the power and impact of effective collaboration, truly getting to know each other, and providing feedback.

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Fizzinity Game Mobile


Fizzinity assists with the online team building that is needed now, without the need to gather in person. Create an extremely cohesive team with the help of Fizzinity!

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Playing LinkXs


LinkXs is designed to allow groups to practice collaboration, leadership, communication, and resource allocation.

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Transformatie dmv games


DEBS is an online platform where employees get to work on joint and individual challenges that they encounter in daily practice.

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Playing Quadrality


The Quadrality platform can be used for multiple organizational issues and challenges such as onboarding, strategy change, the implementation of core values and (culture) change.

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Make your team think carefully about the choices they make! Ixplora is an online tool that demonstrates the short and long-term effects of the decisions made.

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Leadership Development


Selfie 360 is a feedback tool designed to help employees increase self-awareness of their own competencies.

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Team Flow Index

Avoid major maintenance and conduct a Team Flow Index! Team Flow Index provides a check-up for your virtual team using online team scans.

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