The Winning Dialogue

Effective conversations, achieving optimal results

It’s not easy to hold really good conversations and negotiations. Conversations held in challenging business situations, in particular, require an overview, skills and insight in order to bring them to a successful conclusion. The Winning Dialogue is the recipe for directors, managers and employees to make a success of every conversation.

The best result

The winning dialogue is an InContext method that helps in conducting successful conversations and negotiations. It provides guidelines for recognizing cues, responding flexibly, and keeping the goal in sight. It goes beyond the technical aspects of communication and offers a philosophy for continuous learning and growth. This method is based on proven rules and structures that have been effective for many years. It fosters mutual trust and genuine interest in the other party, without manipulation. By understanding the dynamics and context of the conversation, mutual benefits can be achieved. It transforms good conversations into great ones where both parties can thrive.

“This goes beyond the level of conversation techniques; it is a philosophy that helps me constantly learn new things. About communication, but also about myself.”


The Winning Dialogue
The Winning Dialogue  - Thomas Benedict

Designed by question

The Winning Dialogue elevates your conversation skills to a higher level. Originated from the need of Philips to clarify the connection between various training methods for their employees. This method, based on rules and structures, has helped thousands of individuals in diverse organizations make significant strides in their conversations and negotiations. For over 30 years, we have witnessed the practical results of this approach.

By understanding the dynamics of the conversation and focusing on the context and your dialogue partner, you can achieve mutual benefits in every discussion. It equips you with the tools to continually grow and improve your conversational abilities each day.

“I’ve undergone numerous training sessions in conversation skills. It always felt like I was handed a set of directions, whereas now I have been given a map. This enables me to oversee the playing field and successfully navigate all types of conversations in my own way. It’s a gem in my professional toolkit!”

"For a deal, you depend on the other party, so make sure you know what they need. Both the other party and yourself benefit from that."

– Willem Mastenbroek about De winnende dialoog

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Elevating together to a higher level

Discover insights and practical tips to comprehend and excel in all types of conversations. Enhance your leadership, professionalism, and personal growth. InContext offers various possibilities, from individual coaching to team workshops that can be implemented within your organization. Whether as standalone sessions or as part of a broader change initiative, this leads to successful individuals, growing organizations, and improved outcomes. Curious about how we can assist you? Get in contact with us to integrate The Winning Dialogue into your organization or schedule a complimentary consultation. We are ready to support you!

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