The Winning Dialogue

Achieve better results

As a professional, you deal with many different people, like colleagues, employees, clients or patients in a multitude of settings. Your ability to approach each individual and situation adequately, largely determines how successful you are. The Winning Dialogue offers you the overview, insight and skills to deal with the most challenging and complex professional situations.

The book teaches you a unique method to organize and adapt your conversations and negotiations for the best possible results for all parties, taking into account the situation, your objectives and your counterpart’s perspective. You also learn to instantly adapt your approach, in accordance with the actual behavior and communication of your conversation or negotiations partners.

The Winning Dialogue helps you develop your own friendly, authentic and respectful method to reach your goals, without forcing, manipulation or tricks.

''The Winning Dialogue opened my eyes. I am more conscious of my own behavior and am more capable of concluding divergent conversations effectively.”

Participant in training on ‘The Winning Dialogue

Widely deployable

The Winning Dialogue answers questions like:

  • How can I increase my influence without selling the other person short?
  • How can I set limits without jeopardizing my relationship with my conversation partner(s)?
  • How can I get a tense relationship with a client back on the right track?
  • What can I do to restore this person’s trust?
  • How can I get this negotiation process going again?
  • Why do I always have conflicts with certain types of people?
  • What can I change to make my interactions with others more successful?