The major problems of our time cannot be solved without substantial changes within organizations. That’s why the people who dedicate themselves to bringing about even the smallest improvements within their own organization are our heroes. We exist to support them in that endeavor and help them succeed.

Is your organization ready for growth, energy, innovation, or new approaches with more passion, joy, and sustainability? Or is it crucial to break free from old patterns and ingrained habits, so that collaboration, mutual trust, and productivity can thrive? If you don’t want to wait or stand still but actively want to make a positive change within your own organization, you can rely on the support of InContext. We are here for you with dedication, fresh ideas, inspiration, tools, and training to help you, your team, and your organization move forward.

Business & People

Business & People

At InContext, we enhance your organization with thorough analyses and fresh insights. We actively brainstorm with you and take into account both the business aspects and the needs of people to collaborate successfully. By investing in the development of individuals and teams, we make your company grow, now and in the future.

Innovative & Creative

Our approach surprises and inspires you and your colleagues because we dare to innovate. We think outside the box and combine innovative insights, digital technology, and creative interventions. The result is an approach that perfectly aligns with the specific needs of your organization.

Your organzation at center

We take the success of your organization extremely seriously and act with integrity and independence. We strive to genuinely understand the challenges of your organization and are eager to engage in conversations with all stakeholders. With great dedication, we get to work and aim for the very best outcome for your organization.

Practical & Applicable

We are fully committed to the assignment we undertake for your organization and strive for the intended results. In close collaboration with you, we establish measurable goals and work together to achieve them. We persist until there are daily visible and tangible results achieved within your organization.

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Now is the time to focus on organizational culture

For any organization, culture is conditional for productivity, innovation, connection and job satisfaction.

Serious Gaming - Iedereen Wint

Serious gaming: everyone wins…

Serious gaming is a powerful tool for bringing about substantial change in an innovative and inspiring way.

Zoektocht naar leiderschap

Search for leadership

An inspiring conversation about leadership with Herman Wijffels, former top executive of Rabobank, the SER and the World Bank.