The big problems of our time can not be solved without a meaningful change within organizations. Therefore, people striving for positive change – big or small – in their own organization are our heroes. We exist to help them reach their goals.

Does your organization need growth, energy, innovation, new ways of working, more passion, fun or sustainability? Or maybe some old habits and patterns need to change, to make space for collaboration, trust and increased performance?

If standing still and waiting around is not your game and you want to change your organization for the better, InContext is ready to help you breathe life into your vision, rethink your business, fuel growth, find new ways and create sustainable value for everyone in and around your company.

01 Business & people

InContext helps you to grow your business. With thorough analysis and fresh insights, we strengthen and develop your organization at all levels. At the same time, we pay attention to the people and what they need to work together happily and productively, so that they drive the success of the business. Now and in the future.

02 Innovative & creative

Some of our ideas may surprise you, as we are not afraid to innovate. We have guts and dare to come up with a bold approach. We combine innovative insights, digital technology and creative interventions into an approach that fits what your organization needs to advance and grow.

03 Real conversations at each level

We take the success of your organization seriously. That is why we strive to understand the challenges of your organization, engage with everyone in a respectful manner, and are open to feedback. We are not afraid to share our own ideas, insights, and feedback, even if this may be a little uncomfortable now and then. We are dedicated to our customers and strive for the best result for your organization. Always.

04 Tangible & measurable results

We commit ourselves to every single assignment as well as the deliverables and outcomes to be achieved. We work in close cooperation with you to define and achieve measurable goals. We aren’t finished until a result has been achieved that you can see and feel.

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