Feedback: the most normal thing in the world?!

Feedback is essential for good performance. Practically speaking, however, giving and receiving feedback is experienced as complicated or difficult. Because it is a sensitive issue, information can be withheld and not shared.

TeamUp trains teams to appreciate that feedback doesn’t have to be emotionally charged but can be functional and helpful, so everyone can experience the value of a strong flow of feedback.

TeamUp re-introduces the team members to one another in a new, positive and engrossing way. While playing the game, you discover each other’s qualities and challenges and start discussing issues that really matter to your team. Playing TeamUp ensures that feedback becomes a normal part of daily working practices and contributes to the team’s results. Consequently, everyone within the team and the team as a whole can work more powerfully and more successfully together.

“Everyone was always so “nice” to one another in our organization. Opinions remained unspoken or were shared behind colleague’s backs. TeamUp ensured that feedback was not seen as something unkind and complicated, but as a normal way of dealing with colleagues in a professional environment. Now, it’s impossible to imagine life without it, leading to cooperation and team results improving by leaps and bounds.”


How does TeamUp benefit your organization?

TeamUp challenges participants to intense collaboration, in which, to be successful, feedback from others is crucial. After all, you do create the best results together!

  • Normalizes feedback as part of day-to-day work practices and successful team results
  • Experience that giving and receiving feedback lifts team performance to the next level
  • Contributes to a safe learning culture encouraging useful and highly valued conversations
  • Insights put into practice directly so that team members experience the value of feedback with one another and continue to develop it as a team
  • Stimulating colleagues to look beyond the bounds of their own jobs, helping each other and celebrating their successes together

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How does TeamUp work?

TeamUp trains team(s) to recognize the effect of giving and receiving feedback in a variety of ways. Colleagues provide each other with feedback whilst playing a number of interactive games. The challenges increase as teams progress through the game.

TeamUp consists of a number of inspiring elements. The playful nature of the game encourages the team to share feedback freely and colleagues gain valuable insight into team dynamics and mutual cooperation through their experiences. For example, each team member has information that can be used to help others. If information is shared well, everyone can deliver the best results. TeamUp enables the transfer of insights to the actual work situation and to having conversations with one another about it. Learning from experiences, being successful together and seeing feedback as an essential part of that achievement.

Do your colleagues manage to keep giving each other information to help someone else win? And what can the team do to improve the flow of information and feedback to achieve more success together as a team?

TeamUp enables the team to transfer insights to the actual work situation and to have conversations with one another about it. Learning from experiences, being successful together and seeing feedback as an essential part of that achievement.

Good conversations in a safe environment
Your team gets to know one another better. Colleagues share personal information, give each other feedback and discuss the answers between themselves. InContext’s professional facilitator leads the conversations in the right direction, ensuring that even difficult subjects are put on the table and that they’re discussed in a safe environment.

Effective and powerful
Because of TeamUp’s unique design, your team will have high value conversations, get to know one another better and experience the power of feedback. During the game you’ll have regular moments for reflecting on the lessons learned, which you’ll then be able to put into practice. This creates a very effective learning circle which will allow everyone in the team and the team as a whole work together more powerfully and successfully….and, it doesn’t take up a lot of time.

Teamup Feedback Challenge

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Ready to play, straight away
TeamUp is played with 3 to 6 players per group and takes one to four hours to play. Does your team consist of more than 6 colleagues? Then multiple sessions can be played concurrently. TeamUp is ‘ready to play’ but can also be fully customized for your organization. InContext’s facilitator will guide your team to achieve the desired results.


TeamUp gives your team direct insight into the way feedback is shared and used. And, just as important: the business game allows everyone the direct experience that giving and receiving feedback lifts the performance of the entire team to a higher level. In doing so, TeamUp contributes to a safe learning culture where high value conversations can take place. It stimulates your employees to look beyond the boundaries of their own function, to be helpful to their colleagues and to achieve success together.

Behavioural change

What TeamUp could mean for you

  • TeamUp is ‘ready to play’ and can be used straight away
  • It offers you and your team high value experiences of successful information sharing
  • TeamUp shows that feedback is an essential part of achieving team results
  • Your employees will be stimulated to look beyond the limits of their own performance
  • TeamUp lays a solid foundation for safe and effective dialogues

In short, TeamUp offers you an effective tool to make giving and receiving feedback the norm. This will enable everyone within the team and the team as a whole to work more powerfully and successfully together.