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How do you develop core values for an organization with 1500 employees in eleven different countries? And how do you ensure that they are embraced by all employees, in order to increase both employee and customer satisfaction?

Specifically for Interxion, we developed the ‘Connect Game’, a serious game around Interxion’s core values. We used the impact of learning through experience. This enabled all employees not only to get to know the core values, but also to experience them, live them and apply them in their daily work.

Movement & energy

Chris van Voorthuysen, Interxion HR Director: “The Connect Game initiated a dialogue about our core values between employees at all levels of the organization, from 11 different countries. You could sense a sense of urgency between employees. Playing the game with different teams sparked conversations about daily practices and how to apply these values in their work. It was the first time that the core values came to life. It was no longer a corporate idea, but a way of working. It was special to experience the energy and excitement, especially when multiple games were played in the same room. Even after the rollout, I constantly hear employees talking about the core values, the sessions and the Connect Game.

To make real impact

After the roll out, over 1500 employees understood the meaning of the core values and their impact on the business context. They saw the difference in impact of acting according to the core values and not.

According to Chris van Voorthuysen, the biggest achievement of the Connect Game is that “people started to realize that core values are not just an organizational effort, but require true effort by everyone. It turned a piece of paper with abstract words into an applicable tool that adds value to the daily practice of everyone.”

Has Interxion’s experience inspired you and would you like to know more about the impact and added value of deploying serious games within your organization? Please feel free to contact us, we would like to think along with you about the possibilities.

<h2 class="ing-sec4-box fusion-responsive-typography-calculated" data-fontsize="36" data-lineheight="44px">“It turned a piece of paper with abstract words into an applicable tool that adds value to the daily practice of everyone.”</h2>

Chris van Voorthuysen – HR-director Interxion

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