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Serious Gaming is a collective term for business simulations, (online) tools, management games and business games. InContext has been developing groundbreaking serious games for (international) organizations for 30 years. Serious Gaming enables you to bring about substantial change within the organization effectively and to have fruitful, relevant conversations when needed. The rich, interactive and dynamic environment of a serious game makes learning and change more fun, but above all the experience ensures deep and lasting learning.

Custom built
Every organization has its own mission, vision and goals, and of course, its own specific challenges in the fields of development, culture, qualities, working methods, and leadership. For all these challenges, and more, simulations, business games and tools offer great added value.

  • Employees learn to rise above the focus on their own department and take a broader look at the organization
  • Provides the prerequisites for substantial, inspiring and relevant conversations
  • Stimulates fresh insights that can be applied directly in practice
  • Provides new perspectives for everyone within the organization
  • Brings clarity to complex situations

Many great options!
InContext offers solutions for all types of challenges. From leadership to team development and from core qualities to cultural change. Whatever your requirements, they’re always our starting point, and we’ll work with you to find the optimal solutions.

Ready-to-play, flexible and customized
We have developed intelligent serious games and tools such as TeamUp, Fizzinity, LinkXs and Team Flow Index for team development, onboarding and collaboration. These are accessible online and can be used straight away. When the situation demands, we can use games and platforms like DEBS and Quadrality to respond quickly and effectively to specific issues within your organization. We can use these platforms to rapidly develop very realistic, challenging and recognizable situations that do justice to the complexity of the daily practice within your organization. If you have a more complex problem or would like to use Serious Gaming for a specific challenge within your organization, there are also options for fully customized, role based and immersive business simulations.

Would you like to use games and simulations for the challenges you face, but would you like to go through all the possibilities again? Download the prospectus here or contact us directly, we’d be happy to help!

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Serious gaming is an effective way to accomplish change, in an inspiring way. 

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Prospectus Serious Gaming

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