Case Study – Pharma

“Can you support us in determining a clear change strategy, pin-point which elements are most crucial in our change, design a change plan and support in the associated interventions to improve our business performance?”

The internal organization and management team were assessed with a systems thinking approach. Direction, structure, processes, people & culture and leadership in the organization were discussed. The following key points became evident, which presented a clear focus for change in the organization:

  • Alignment of the organisation’s structure and processes played a key role in current business performance, efficiency & customer satisfaction.
  • Leadership style and direction impacted the working culture of their employees.

Change program

A large change program was set up by InContext in cooperation with the client, starting with aligning the board to be able to set a clear course for the organization. Interventions improve the organization’s structure and processes and shake up the people.

We train employees through a tailor-made business simulation so that they can experience the new skills, knowledge and mindset.


  • A new organizational structure had emerged with clear processes that support the organization’s main targets.
  • A strong leadership team had been formed, the culture of the organization became more proactive and employees were no longer afraid to learn from their mistakes.

“I believe this game is the final step for optimal teamwork and to outperform the market.”

Pharmaceutical organization – General manager