Online Tools

Our vision on digital learning

Learning is much more than just knowledge sharing and (digitally) disseminating information. For us, learning is creating a valuable experience. Interaction, real contact and connection are essential. Great learning is not one-way but creates an explorative attitude amongst the participants. Such learning stimulates curiosity, continuous learning, sharing knowledge, experimenting and testing new ways of working. By offering these experience, learning motivates, provides energy and develops lasting value. We believe that this is the way to achieve the strongest learning results.

In a digital learning environment it is about the same experience: valuable, interactive and explorative. Our online learning tools are not made to just share information, they stimulate interaction and dialogue. We challenge participants to get out of their comfort zone, to develop new skills, and experiment with behavior. Our tools are challenging, motivating and fun! All online tools can be applied in a physical as well as a virtual environment.

Fizzinity: online teambuilding

Remote cooperation requires solid teamwork. Fizzinity supports teambuilding without the necessity to get together. By fulfilling assignments you get to know your colleagues, improve cooperation and above all you enjoy yourself. The online game has the fun and energy of a pubquiz, next to that it is developed to improve the cooperation and communication within your team. By playing, you discover what is needed to be able to approach complex issues as a team.



  • Teambuilding: creating virtual connected teams
  • Teamwork: improve the remote collaboration
  • Engagement: having fun and creating new stories together
  • Get to know your colleagues


  • Fizzinity is a game you can play online with the whole team.
  • Designed as a quiz, this contributes to a relaxed atmosphere and fun.
  • The score of the whole team counts!
  • To prepare for the game, every team member answers some questions such as: “Which extraordinary hobby do you have?” or “Which quote typically defines you?” During the game participants are challenged to link the input to their colleagues.
  • Next to that, the team has to resolve puzzles, gets portray assignments and participants individually have to answer questions.
  • The game builds up bonds, makes team members proud and stimulates them to share the success stories of the team.



digital learning


With TeamworkQT you recognize and solve issues and problems within your team. Discover your own preferred style when tackling these problems and explore alternatives. As a team you gain a better insight into each other’s qualities and you learn to appreciate and use them better. This contributes to a better team atmosphere, inclusion and cooperation. The Quadrality platform is an online, interactive game-environment in which participants encounter recognizable team challenges, make decisions and experience and learn from the consequences involved.

  • Recognize and appreciate the qualities of your colleagues and team.
  • Collectively resolve conflicts and problems.
  • Address issues and have real conversations.
  • Search for ways to overcome differences.
  • Improve the team performance.

Team Flow Index

Team Flow Index provides a check-up for your virtual team. By using the online teamscan each team determines where the team is now and where the team wants to be. This way, particularly now in this time of virtual cooperation, the team stays connected and is able to define the right priorities. Each team member fills in the scan, so the outcomes are a team effort and all team members have a voice in defining shared objectives.


Business simulation


DEBS is an online platform where employees get to work on joint and individual challenges that they encounter in daily practice. Within this learning environment, they experience the impact of their choices on their personal and team results.

DEBS is played online and offline. Together, participants solve challenges, dilemmas and strategic puzzles. All actions and decisions taken are entered into the system. This generates new issues, KPIs and feedback for all individual participants and the entire team.