Team Flow Index

What helps your team to be successful right now? 

We are in an unique situation and face a major challenge together. Everyone is asked to find a new rhythm working at home and work together remotely. This situation provides a challenge for you and your colleagues. How do you stay effective and successful as a team under the current circumstances? How do you know what your team needs right now? And more important; how do you ensure that the team remains motivated and continues achieving its goals?

Online teamscan

Team Flow Index provides a check-up for your virtual team. By using the online teamscan each team determines where the team is now and where the team wants to be. This way, particularly now in this time of virtual cooperation, the team stays connected and is able to define the right priorities. Each team member fills in the scan, so the outcomes are a team effort and all team members have a voice in defining shared objectives.

TFI is an online scan, always and from anywhere accessible. Therefore it is usable right now: TFI can be filled in remotely by team members who work from home. The scan provides direct insight into the priorities and points for improvement of the team for the coming two weeks, months and three months. Even now, or particularly now, you can improve cooperation and results as a team.

“At last, we can talk about the things that really matter to us in our team.”

Do you recognize these questions?

  • How do you stay effective and motivated as a team?
  • How do you set the right priorities for your team?
  • Does your team has the right mindset and skills to work in a digital environment?

Then a Team Flow Index session with your team can help you!

“A practical and relevant tool we use regularly to determine the team’s progress. We have a lot of influence ourselves, and we can be successful together.”

Do you recognize the opportunities of Team Flow Index for your team and organization? Please contact us without any obligations or schedule a free demo, we’d be happy to help!

How does Team Flow Index work?

Each team member individually answers 40 questions. Half of the questions are about the current collaboration: where do you stand as a team since the introduction of the corona measures? The other half of the questions are about the desirable situation: what do we want to achieve as a team?

Team Flow Index (TFI) functions as a check-up, it provides a clear view on the status quo. From there, the team is able to identify the appropriate course of action together. TFI generates a report which is the start of a dialogue: which priorities and points of attention do we have in this new reality? What concrete actions and plans can we define as a team based on this?

Team Flow Index

The questions are based on four categories (engagement, identification, design and fuel) and 20 underlying factors. These factors are derived from the most popular team development tools. Team Flow Index can be deployed multiple times and can be used as a recurring measuring instrument to serve as a starting point to collectivitely define concrete actions, priorities and objectives.


Within 60 minutes, the TFI scan provides insight into the priorities and possibilities of your team. Together, the team discusses the needs and challenges that currently exist, resulting in a customized action plan for the coming two weeks, months and three months. The actions defined are supported by ideas and initiatives your team can apply, working together in a motivated, efficient and successful way under the given circumstances. In addition, a TFI session provides a lot of energy and stimulates active cooperation between team members.

Business simulation
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How can Team Flow Index help your team?

  • TFI is an online team scan, so always accessible.
  • Feedback and outcomes are immediately available.
  • Anonymous, data-driven insight into team performance.
  • Ownership and initiative lies entirely with the team.
  • Enables connection and improves teamwork.
  • A basis for a safe dialogue.
  • An approach, including concrete actions, to stay on track, is created within two hours.
  • Offers support for the ideas and initiatives your team needs right now.