Meetings & Workshops

Facilitation of meetings and workshops

Respect, trust, being heard, having that courageous conversation, connecting with the team, touching the essential issues, seeing each other in new light, sharing points-of-view, making meaning, creating a great experience, reaching agreements and finishing up with the confidence and motivation to take the next steps.

These are just some of the ingredients of great workshops, offsites, team retreats or any other meeting at key moments for your organisation. It is not always easy to hit that right note, get everyone involved, balance fun and content and reach the outcomes you need. That is why InContext specializes in designing and facilitating meetings that work for all participants. Especially leaders benefit from facilitation, because it leaves them free to concentrate on the content of the meeting.


A great meeting starts with great design. And great design starts with an empty page and open ears. InContext facilitators speak with key players in the workshop and ask for their perpectives, insights, goals, concerns and expectations. These insights are translated into a concept program that is discussed with the organizers. Once the program is agreed, working methods are lined up, adapted or even purpose built to ensure the intended process and results. Presenters are aligned and sometimes even coached to ensure the perfect delivery of their contribution and then it’s showtime!


Gamification is another InContext specialty. Integrating innovative, interactive, meaningful and fun elements brings a meeting to life. We have many ready to use games or simulations ans can also adjust or even design new games or other interactive working methods to fit specific goals.


Depending on the size of the meeting, one or more facilitators will support your meeting. Each facilitator is skilled and experienced in group dynamics, moderation and even conflict mediation. Furthermore our facilitators are business savvy, friendly and flexible.

Whether your meeting is for 6 or 600 people, virtual or live and takes two hours or a week, InContext is ready to help you run the best possible meeting, so that you can make meaning, create value and move ahead.