Thijs Bosselaar


What I bring to the table, on the one hand, are my analytical skills which enable me to have a rapid understanding of the challenges you face in and with your organization and on the other hand my ability to connect this analytical side to the people side of your business. I enjoy motivating and stimulating employees and putting things in perspective. I connect easily with different types of people using a relaxed, but focused way of working and enjoy an intellectual challenge.

These skills come in useful during the projects I undertake at InContext, such as the development and facilitation of business games & simulations and transformation or development programs.
What makes me particularly proud is the direct impact our interventions have on our clients. When they tell me that we have opened their eyes and that they are going to approach their day-to-day business in a completely different way, I truly feel like we have made a change for the better.

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  • Director at De Kleine Consultant Utrecht
  • MSc Organizational and Work psychology
  • BA Liberal Arts & Sciences, Psychology & Economics


Danone, ASML, Accell Group, Novartis