Culture Change

The result of culture

Our vision is that culture potentially includes many things; myths, legends and stories within the organization. Ultimately, it comes down to what you notice in daily practice, the behavior people demonstrate and the decisions they make. That is the result of culture.


Factors that influence the culture

The first two factors relate to employees, the third factor concerns mutual relationships and the fourth focuses on the preconditions. These are all buttons to push. That means that changing a culture can never be achieved in a short-term, but always requires a long-term and consistent approach. It’s not something you purchase; it really has to take place in the organization itself.

Leaders should have an essential role as sponsors, role models and storytellers, continuously influencing and enhancing the desired culture. We then can make a valuable contribution by building tools and by helping and coaching people. A cultural change starts with leaders being so motivated to make it happen that they are able to reflect on their own behavior and communication.

01. The capabilities of employees

Are they able to demonstrate the behavior you want them to? Do they possess the knowledge and skills to do the job in the desired way in the first place?

02. The role awareness of employees

What do they consider to be their role and task within the organization?

03. The interaction between people and between teams

The mutual systems, images and patterns within a team. Is there trust or distrust, how do employees and teams view each other? One thing influences the other. This leads to patterns and images that determine the attitude of employees towards the company and the behavior they demonstrate. It requires time and effort to change this.

04. The context

Employees and teams experience many contextual factors that influence the culture, such as strategy, leadership, the design of the physical workplace, the remuneration structure, internal communication, systems, processes and opportunities for development.

“Changing a culture can never be achieved in a short-term, but always requires a long-term and consistent approach.”

Thomas Benedict – Director and founder InContext

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