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People’s behavior fascinates me: ‘Why do we do the things we do?’ and ‘Why can it be so hard to change our behavior to do something better?’ ‘What are the drivers that lead us to make certain choices?’ and ‘How can we help and support people to make better choices?’
There is no single answer to these questions, and with my background in Behavioral Economics, I like nothing more than getting my teeth into change and culture transformations within organizations.

Energetic, optimistic and enthusiastic, these are the words most often used when friends or colleagues describe me. I am by nature a real team player and a connector. I get so much energy working with clients and getting results, taking that extra step and then celebrating our successes together.

When solving complex issues, I prefer to think outside the box. Why stay inside the box when we haven’t explored the world outside it? Using my creativity and imagination, I like to look for the unique solutions and opportunities that will lead to the best results. This is always accompanied by a good dose of fun. I consider fun to be one of the most important core values within InContext. I see fun as a crucial instrument when collaborating with others to achieve exceptional results.

After working in a corporate environment, I was very pleased to switch to consultancy. I work with my InContext colleagues, full of energy and inspiration on the mission that we bring to our projects: ‘To want to change something for the better, for people and organizations’. That touches my heart and that is exactly where my ambition lies: helping people and organizations with the issues that keep them awake at night and bringing about positive change, together.

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  • BSc Business Economics
  • MSc Behavioural Economics