Training & Coaching

Training & coaching


InContext trainers are at their best in organizations that are difficult to understand, for example due to complexity or high-tech innovations or technology. They enter organizations with a curious and inquisitive attitude and combine business knowledge with a people-oriented approach.

As a result, our trainers quickly understand your organizational context and from there on develop interventions that are highly relevant for the daily practice of participants. Based on their people-oriented approach, our trainers respond in a flexible way when facing different target groups and needs. They train in such an engaging and inspiring way that it helps participants to transfer and apply these new skills to their daily practice.

Our trainers have a growth mindset in which continuous learning and improvement are key. They set an example in terms of their own communication skills and behaviors. Moreover, they create a safe learning environment where participants are continuously challenged. Within our programs there is room for interaction and reflection, collaboration, and ways of working that center around experiential learning.


We believe that personal and professional development follows a certain path. It starts with knowing yourself in the here and now, knowing where you come from, understanding why you do what you do and having a clear picture of where you want to go.

InContext coaches play an important role in stimulating, facilitating, mirroring and valuing behavior. This guides participants towards more self-insight, a wider range of choices and accelerates personal growth. Some words to describe our coaches are respectful, empathetic and helping others putting things into perspective.

Out of curiosity, we ask questions to understand how different factors interact with and influence each other. This helps participants to gain insight not only into the visible, but also into the invisible systems and dynamics that affect them. This creates space for participants to make different choices and to grow their circle of influence.

“To be honest: I was not looking forward to two half a day online training sessions about dealing with (un)desired behavior in the workplace. But the trainer managed to create a safe and engaging environment very quickly. I felt safe to be open and honest with my colleagues, who until then I only knew by name. I found it a fun and insightful program and it has helped me to work better with my colleagues.”

Participant training – ‘Collaborating with trust’