Maintenance of virtual teams

We’ll probably still be working partly from home for some time to come. Everyone has found their niche and is trying to make the best of it. Yet this situation remains challenging. For you as a person, but also in the collaboration with colleagues. The loss of social interaction means that risks are lurking. Issues within the team, which under normal circumstances would be easily identified and discussed, can now lead to bigger problems.

The importance of connection

Now is the time to stop and think about the (virtual) cooperation in your team. Under normal circumstances, the proper functioning of a team receives a lot of attention. Now that some of us (still) work from home, negative images about colleagues can arise more easily, conflicts are harder to recognize and resolve, distrust can grow and normal work practices come under pressure. The elimination of much of the informal interaction between colleagues can also affect the functioning of a team. We certainly know how to find each other virtually for business purposes, but it is also important to stay connected on a more informal level. Signal issues in time so they don’t negatively impact team collaboration and the team maintains its fun, flow and productivity.

Necessary maintenance

There are plenty of digital tools for staying connected. As a team, make sure you pay attention to the maintenance of social contact so that team members can stay connected and be successful together. So, make time and pay sincere attention to each other, think of ways to have fun together, be curious and try to understand each other’s context. It’s a way to find out what your team really needs.

Need help with this check? Then our team scan might be something for you. Team Flow Index is a check-up tool for your virtual and hybrid team. It provides direct insight into the team’s priorities and points for improvement. Team Flow Index serves as a starting point for dialogue and defining concrete actions.

Fizzinity is another digital tool that closely matches the needs of hybrid and virtual teams. The game helps with the team building that is needed just now, without having to get together in one room. You get to know your colleagues better through the assignments, improve cooperation and above all have fun. The online game has the fun and energy of a pub quiz but is also designed specifically to improve cooperation and communication within your team.

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