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Thank you for requesting the prospectus about our business simulations

You want to get your organization moving but not just any old how, in an innovative, inspiring, and even impressive way. Making a difference and leaving a lasting memory. An exciting journey of fun and discovery that ends in something really useful.

Extensive experience
For over 30 years now, we’ve been seeing that tailor-made business simulations, perfectly reflecting the client’s reality, can make all the difference. For you. For your team. And for your organization.

Unparalleled (learning) experiences
We know of no better instrument than a business simulation to offer your employees a challenging, surprising and above all truthful (learning) environment. Where they can learn, practice and experiment with their own leadership and strategic choices in complete safety. Getting direct experience of the impact of their own decisions and actions and what changes in approach or behavior could bring about. The result: an unparalleled and deeply impressive learning experience that employees will remember for a lifetime.

Can we help your organization bring this about or would you like to explore other possibilities we can offer? We are here for you. Always.

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Prospectus Business Simulations

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DEBS platform - Impact Team development Leadership


DEBS challenges your employees to make decisions based on available information and resources. All interactions, dilemmas, and strategic cases create new challenges that must be solved together.


The content of Quadrality can be adapted to the needs and context of your organization. The game stimulates dialogue about values and behavior from different perspectives.