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Long lasting impact
InContext’s Serious Games and business simulations facilitate changes within your organization, ensure a constructive dialogue and provide insight into improvements in daily working practices. All games offer a rich and dynamic environment, which makes onboarding, learning and change not only more fun, but also ensures memorable experiences and lasting impact.

Your challenges
The world is changing rapidly. (Digital) possibilities are endless, the market requires agility and your employees want to keep on developing. Every organization has its own challenges, its own dilemmas and its own objectives. But also, its own culture, its own way of working and its own leadership.

The sky is the limit…
InContext offers solutions for all leadership, change and strategy issues. Based on your own theme or development issue, you can either choose from one of our many existing and flexible options or have a business simulation made to measure.

Do you have any questions after reading the prospectus or can we help you with practical advice, interventions or serious gaming? We are happy to help you and discuss the possibilities.

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