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Culture is a condition for productivity, innovation, connection and job satisfaction for any organization. However, when a culture doesn’t work, it hinders your organization from achieving goals, being innovative and moving forward. It also can be an energy drain, which influences motivation and engagement.

That is why every company should make culture a top priority and a daily focus, especially with organizational change or new opportunities. Culture is also intangible – it is hard to grasp it, calculate it or even buy it. So how can you adapt or strengthen your culture?

InContext is specialized in influencing the organizational culture, and making it more tangible and simplified, in order to solve problems and enhance success.

Do you have any questions after reading the e-book or can we help you with practical advice, interventions or serious gaming? We are happy to help you and discuss the possibilities.

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E-book - The 5 steps of cultural change within your organization

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