TeamUP – Everything on the table in 3 hours

Have you ever met a team with nothing going on? We’re all people who bring some baggage with us. Therefore, when we work together there’s always a dynamic and we find it so hard to speak up when stuff affects us. The result is unspoken issues and the longer you let that simmer… you guessed it, the more complicated it gets. Want to discuss everything in your team in a respectful and open way that doesn’t take a month of Sundays? Then read on.

TeamUP – Don’t ‘tell’, but ‘experience’

Telling people how to do things differently doesn’t work. What does work, then? Letting people experience their natural reactions and then talking about them. That’s exactly what the serious game, TeamUP does, in two different ways:

The group (4 – 7 people) play a modern version of Sea Battles or Battleships in which each participant reacts spontaneously. We then talk with the team about how each member reacted and discuss what effect those behaviors might have on other people. This provides such a safe atmosphere that other issues come up easily and, of course, we take advantage of that opportunity.

Team Challenge
There are 8 different types of game in the team challenge. Every game has a different dynamic and that stimulates super open conversations with one another without the team realizing it. The facilitator makes sure that every participant has a turn and monitors the flow. The content of the games is fed into 3 levels:

Level 1: What can we be proud of? – Recognizing and appreciating
Level 2: Where do we see room for growth? – Opportunities & challenges
Level 3: What is holding us back? – Barriers & patterns


Facilitator is very important while playing TeamUP

The facilitator talks with the group about their needs, and challenges the group to discuss as much as possible as openly as they can.

I coached TeamUP in a number of teams recently and what happens there in about 3 hours I’d like to see happen for every team. Participants had open and honest conversations that they really wanted to have, but often didn’t or couldn’t dare to begin, in a relaxed, fun and safe atmosphere, Through TeamUP, they experienced how nice it is to have the time to talk to one another like this and they discovered that there is much more to discuss than they had previously thought possible. We often think these open discussions are much scarier than they actually turn out to be.


Do you know a team that could use a moment to be open and honest with each other, to say what they really think and to give their collaboration a boost? I’d love to get in touch!

TeamUP - InContext Consultancy Group

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