Sharda Wolterink

About me

When I tell people that I studied Industrial Design at TU Delft and now work as a consultant at InContext, I often receive surprised reactions. But in my opinion, my study is closely related to my current work. During my master’s, I specialized in the Human-Centered Design department, with a focus on the Design for Happiness movement. As a Human-Centered designer, I place the individual at the center and look at the necessary interventions based on their wishes and needs. What can truly make this person happier?

At InContext, I have the luxury of applying my design background in various areas. As part of the consulting team, I contribute to different projects that help people become the best version of themselves. I also contribute internally to the further development of InContext as an in-house designer. At InContext, I have the space and freedom to express my creativity and apply my knowledge to diverse projects. In short, I have the ideal position within InContext’s team to combine my passion for design and happiness and help individuals and companies grow and thrive.

Sharda Wolterink

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  • BSc Industrial Design Engineering

  • MSc Design for Interaction | Medisign Specialization