Sara Lutgerink

About me

“What does it take to bring about change?” and “What gets in the way of that change? Often change within an organization stands or falls with people’s behavior. Finding out where negative or non-constructive behavior comes from and how positive and constructive behavior can be stimulated is what I like to help organizations with.

I believe that people have an enormous capacity for development and that individual development can contribute greatly to collective change in an organization. My background in cognitive psychology comes in handy in identifying internal and external factors that drive people’s behavior. Uncovering and discussing the barriers to change is an important part of the work my colleagues and I do for our clients.

I discovered my passion for training when I was in front of the classroom as a debate trainer. I feel inspired when I can work with people on a personal level to help them grow. By supporting, encouraging and challenging them, I hope to help them go through the development they and the organization need to achieve their ambitions.

Sara Lutgerink

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  • Bsc Liberal Arts & Sciences: Cognitive and Neurobiological Psychology

  • MSc Applied Cognitive Psychology (Cum Laude)