Joep Wetzels


Cultures and the people who are part of them have always fascinated me. I’ve always studied the peoples, languages, customs and the (historical) context of the countries I visited during the many journeys I’ve made in my life, I discovered that cultures also exist within organizations during the master programs in Intercultural Communication and Culture, Organization & Management. I learned to look at organizations with the same wonder as an anthropologist at tribal societies. Themes such as power, humor, symbolism, heroes, rituals and values are found in societies, but also in organizations. An organization is, therefore, a mini-society and that is extremely interesting!

In recent years, I’ve gained a lot of experience as an interim manager and I have also worked as a consultant, trainer and qualitative researcher. Since 2021, I’ve been using the knowledge and experience I’ve gained over the years, in my InContext work. I’m interested in subjects such as Learning & Development, Change and Team and Leadership Development. I’m fascinated by people and what really drives them.

I’m a critical thinker, creative and a good listener. Clients often tell me that I bring peace in the hectic of daily life and that I connect people with each other. I like to do this with humor and always with respect. I get energy from simplifying complex matters and making them more understandable. Besides my work, my greatest passions are music, foreign languages, sport and gastronomy.

Joep Wetzels

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  • BA French language and culture, Utrecht
  • MA Intercultural Communication, Utrecht
  • MSc Culture, Organization and Management, Amsterdam