Floris Foekens


My responsible and helpful qualities, which I’ve been developing since childhood, help me to help others on their way; coaching, offering help, brainstorming, answering questions. To be able to play a role in someone’s personal development or the facilitation of development trajectories is insanely beautiful. For me, being able to really help someone is what it’s all about.

People often describe me as a connector; I am good at bringing people together and I like to do that with humour and by playing with language. Within a group, I have a good sense of the energy and atmosphere. Despite the fact that I can come across as an introvert, I never avoid confrontations and I’m open and honest about what I think of a certain situation. I do this with commitment and respect.

At InContext I felt the space to be nothing but myself from the very first moment. Assignments within learning & development give me energy, because this is where I can help people in their personal and professional development through one-to-one coaching or teamwork. My colleagues and I devise innovative working methods in which people are confronted with their own behaviour. When they have a “eureka” moment and realise that things can be done differently, my day is a success.

In addition to the InContext values of ‘integrity’ and ‘results’, I can also really identify with ‘fun’. Personal development is ultimately also about being able to look at yourself, with a smile, and sometimes taking yourself a little less seriously.

What I like about InContext is that, in addition to short-term projects and simulations, we don’t shy away from longer projects and trajectories. That way, in my opinion, you can really achieve something.

Floris Foekens

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  • BSc General Social Sciences, Utrecht
    Minor in Administration and Organisation Sciences, Utrecht
    MSc Policy, Strategic Human Research Management, Utrecht