Stijn Thiecke


Life begins outside the comfort zone. I’ve experienced this several times in my own life. Getting out of your comfort zone is both the scariest and the most enriching thing you can do. Now is the time for people and organizations to step out of their comfort zones.

For me, as a consultant, change facilitator and trainer, nothing is more enjoyable than guiding and supporting clients, both intensively and in-depth, to take the steps needed and then reconnect with their core values and strategy. I like to help people grow until they have become the best version of themselves. First and foremost, taking responsibility for their own pitfalls, then achieving goals and results that they could only have dreamed of and finally gaining insight into what they need to successfully manage the necessary changes in organization. What more could you possibly want?

At InContext we develop programs that focus not only on business but also on the people side of business and that is exactly where my strength lies.

Stijn Thiecke

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  • Trainer, project manager and manager –  Rabobank
  • Amsterdam Academy – Banking and Finance
  • Phoenix – post HBO professional communication


PwC, KPN, Leaseplan, KPMG, Damen, Pon, Rabobank, Roche