Selfie 360

Increase insight into your knowledge, skills and abilities

Selfie 360 is a feedback tool to help employees increase awareness of their own competency and to take a successful next step in their personal development.

Know your own competency
In Selfie 360, employees assess their own performance level regarding a variety of skills and abilities. Then they rank these in terms of relevance to their role or career path. To get feedback and put the results in the right perspective, colleagues are also invited to assess the individual’s performance and the relevance of their skills and abilities to do the job.

“Selfie has been super helpful for me to be aware of what I am good at, but also where there is still room for improvement. The results have led to incredible fun and really useful conversations with colleagues. This has inspired me to work hard on making even better use of the qualities I already have and to develop new ones in order to be more successful in my role.”

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Selfie 360

What does Selfie 360 offer you?

Selfie 360 is a highly effective feedback tool giving immediate insight into your own skills and abilities. But Selfie 360 does much more than that! The insights are also linked to the relevance of the competences for your own role or function. You are not only made more aware of your own strengths, but you can also take the next step in your personal development in a more focused way.

  • It provides directly applicable and relevant insights for your personal development in relation to your own role and with a view to your career path.
  • Selfie 360 offers tools for your own career in a very pragmatic way and thus a starting point for having very focused and useful conversations about your personal development and creating new opportunities.

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How does Selfie 360 work?

The power of Selfie 360 lies in creating very relevant feedback on your own skills and abilities and their relevance to the role or function you fulfill. You fill in the questionnaire in just 5 minutes after which you ask your colleagues to answer the same questions about you.

You score the competences on a five-point scale. You also indicate for each skill or ability what the relevance is for your own role, function or career. Subsequently, colleagues are invited to give their own view about your competency.

The results of Selfie 360 provide direct insight into your skills and abilities and an overview of where you can (further) develop yourself in relation to your own function. Selfie 360 offers managers, employees and HR professionals an effective tool to have focused, useful conversations about qualities, skills and abilities and any further developmental issues that may have arisen.

Selfie Feedback Competence Personal development
Selfie Feedback Competence Personal development

Selfie 360 is directly applicable for all employees within your organization or team! The competency scoring takes 5 to 10 minutes per person. The digital tool can be used online, hybrid or at work.

Don’t make it unnecessarily complex!

Selfie 360 provides immediate insight, enriched with feedback from colleagues in the team, into the competences and developmental issues of individuals. How? Selfie 360 has been developed in such a way that the focus lies on the essence. No unnecessary or redundant questions are asked, everything is aimed at obtaining directly useful and actionable information. This provides instantaneous, relevant and pragmatic insights into the qualities, skills and abilities that you can (further) develop in your current role or with a view to your future career path.

Through its design and team involvement, Selfie 360 directly contributes to a learning culture in which focused and useful conversations can take place. It stimulates you to look at your own competency and take steps in your own personal development. Colleagues help each other so the team as a whole can be more successful.

Playing Selfie 360
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The power of Selfie 360

  • Easy to use with pragmatic insights for competency development
  • Results are rich, relevant and action-oriented for every employee
  • An accessible tool for both individual employees and teams to be successful together
  • Selfie 360 focuses on the essence and thus provides directly applicable insights for everyone
  • Your team can complete Selfie 360 from anywhere – at work or at home
  • Selfie 360 offers a basis for an in-depth dialogue about performance, capabilities, competency and core qualities.

In short, Selfie 360 is a valuable tool to work with your team on their awareness of their own skills and abilities. This allows everyone in the team to work on their own development and the team as a whole to be more powerful and successful.

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The power of gamification

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