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A business simulation is a simplified virtual work environment based on a part of your own organization. It creates an interactive learning environment where your employees can safely explore new skills and behaviors, experiment with them, and develop themselves to achieve meaningful learning goals.

Real-time interaction and realistic roles
In a business simulation participants experiment with their own choices and behavior. In doing so, they get direct experience of the impact they have on the success (or otherwise) of their options. During the simulation, participants fulfill recognizable company-related roles in which they must act and cooperate based on role-specific information. This provides insights that they can’t ‘un-see’ or deny – and thus will never forget. There is no other intervention that has this impact and yields such benefits.

Take a look under the hood
A business simulation includes the main processes, structures, dynamics, environment, and roles of your organization. Each role is given all the current information and choices that correspond to real-life situations. The system continuously calculates the effects of the decisions made in each role and translates them into realistic outcomes and events. Thus, each group largely determines how their simulated organization will fare.

Data, insights and important conversations
During the game, the system logs all the participants’ actions, so that the reasons for certain outcomes can be precisely pinpointed. Opening this “black box” gives participants unique insights into the undercurrent, dynamics and patterns within their organization. This opens up the conversation about ‘hard to pin-point’ topics such as internal competition, perception and sub-optimization, allowing them to be considered and addressed together (often for the first time). This gives everyone unique insights and keys to increasing productivity and job satisfaction.

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Prospectus Business Simulations

Business simulations provide unparalleled and deeply impressive learning experience that employees will remember for a lifetime. Download the prospectus and read all about the impact and results. For you, your team and your organization. 

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Prospectus Business Simulations

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