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Our client on cultural change

Sandra Dieleman-Moerloos, Operational Manager at ZorgSaam Zorggroep Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, talks about her experience:

“Binnen ZorgSaam wilden we met de herinrichting van de kliniek toewerken naar een sterkere vertrouwensband en een duidelijkere rolverdeling, zowel binnen de teams als tussen de leidinggevenden en de teams. Ik vond het daarbij belangrijk om de operationeel leidinggevenden te helpen in hun kracht te zetten, die namelijk een sleutelrol vervullen tijdens de implementatie.




I got in touch with InContext through LinkedIn and what appealed to me was the authenticity and core values of this organization. In the first contact with InContext I noticed the motivation. InContext only wants to help if there is an internal motivation at the inquiring organization. What struck me most about their approach was that I really got the feeling that InContext is committed to the success of the organization. To do that, they do thorough research and analysis of what you need as an organization to achieve your goal.


It immediately resulted in better cooperation both between teams and leaders and within teams. In addition, the willingness to learn and do business together increased. On top of that, I see that awareness has been created at all levels of the organization.

The most fundamental difference we have achieved is that people are truly open to looking at things in a different way. In addition, it has also benefited me a lot. I always look at situations from a different perspective. This can sometimes lead to friction, but I have been standing up for what I believe in. It’s nice to see that the value of that is now seen within the organization.

I would recommend InContext especially to healthcare organizations that truly want to bring about fundamental change and where everyone is willing to participate. In addition to willingness, it is also necessary to invest time and money and to bring the entire organization along with this change. InContext’s strength lies primarily in bringing about a culture change and not in solving small, defined questions. That is because in those cases they (InContext) do not come into their full potential.”

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