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Strengthen the onboarding process with serious gaming

Van Lanschot Kempen is the oldest independent financial institution in the Netherlands. For Van Lanschot Kempen, there is a strong focus on attracting new talent and creating a positive and inspiring work environment. Effective onboarding is crucial to quickly integrate new employees and to provide them with a deep understanding of the organization and make them feel at home.



The fun-factor in onboarding

Van Lanschot Kempen asked us to strengthen the onboarding process and realize the desired impact faster. We developed a customized onboarding game to cater to this need. This game is not only informative, but also a great icebreaker! It can be played by new employees and any (new) team within the organization, and provides a fun and interactive introduction.

Game-Changer: Connecting new employees

Our solution is a customized onboarding game designed specifically for Van Lanschot Kempen. This game provides an adventurous and lively experience, where new employees playfully learn about the organization, company culture, key processes and their team. With challenging questions, puzzles and team activities, the game becomes an icebreaker that encourages active engagement and collaboration.

Thanks to the customized elements of the game, new employees immediately feel comfortable within the organization and gain a deep understanding of the values, goals and company culture. This results in a faster and deeper integration, allowing them to quickly contribute to the success of our company.

Every (new) team within Van Lanschot Kempen can enjoy the opportunity to get to know each other better, build trust and work together more efficiently, while at the same time sharing an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.

Would you also like a customized game that is entirely about your organization? Contact us and find out how we combine fun and teamwork to create an unforgettable onboarding experience for you.

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