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Building an inclusive and socially safe culture

A leading, innovative faculty within a renowned Technical University with 900 employees was faced with the challenge of increasing social safety and mutual connection within the organization. Previous initiatives to do so did not have the desired effect and this was hindering the successful realization of groundbreaking research, the growth of student numbers and the expansion of the organization. The faculty management team was therefore looking for an intervention that would move the entire faculty in the desired direction and keep it progressing.

With this challenge, they came to InContext.


A faculty week as the start of the change process

Working closely with frontrunners of the desired culture change within the faculty, we developed a change journey that will take the organization on the path to achieving its ambition in the coming years. To start this journey together as a faculty, we developed, organized and guided a faculty week. In this, employees were (inter)actively included in the why behind the culture change and how it can be realized together. The focus was on informing, inspiring and connecting.

All employees were informed through various channels and invited to actively participate in a day-long dialogue during this week about culture change and the role each individual plays in it. To this end, we developed a leadership dialogue game, based on the University’s existing leadership profile, and invited participants to engage in conversation about how they act and could act in certain situations. It was about exchanging perspectives and experiences; learning from and with each other. There were also dialogues in which training actors actively helped develop new skills that support the creation of social safety in various situations.

Starting the dialogue

The effect of this faculty week is that an organization is full of energy and people feel reconnected with each other. Dialogue within the faculty has been initiated and is being sustained. Moreover, there is a strong demand from the organization to continue this initiative and a fertile ground has been created to actively translate the ambition to their own departments, sections and teams.

A motivated and engaged faculty, where everyone feels valued and respected.

Join our success story and make your organization an example of inclusion and social safety. Together, we will build a future where everyone can thrive and excel.

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