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Giving feedback in a respectful and effective manner


“To do our work well, we need information from others. We often do not receive this information in a timely or complete manner, sometimes even after repeated requests, and thus organizing important programs and initiatives becomes a difficult task. Then, when things don’t go well, we are called on it. We would like to learn how, in such situations, we can give feedback to the colleagues involved in a respectful and effective way which should lead to receiving the necessary information, while maintaining the relationship, and we can thus best support them in successfully organizing programs.”


Met deze uitdaging benaderde een team managementassistenten van een toonaangevende universiteit ons.



Practicing in a safe environment

To offer a fitting approach, we developed a co-created workshop on giving and receiving feedback. In this, participants were introduced to the theory of feedback, the Winning Dialogue communication model, and practiced the basic skills of active listening. Participants then applied these skills to their own case histories in a Practice Lab in which training actors were used. The Practice Lab provided a safe learning environment in which personal situations could be replicated as closely as possible, participants could experience different approaches, obtain valuable feedback, and learn from each other’s observations and experiences.
By participating in this workshop, participants not only gained insight into the effect of their approach to situations, but also discovered alternative ways to give feedback and obtain the information they needed.
A key insight they took away from the workshop was that it is also about personal mindset; examining why someone is doing (or not doing) something, and giving yourself the right to have the conversation about it.


More than just theory

Through a Courageous Conversations workshop, we’ve ensured that one not only develops the necessary skills, but also gains an in-depth understanding of how to apply effective communication to achieve goals while keeping the relationship strong. Through practical exercises with realistic situations and valuable feedback, participants will become more confident in holding feedback conversations. Join us and discover how to have respectful and effective conversations that produce positive results in your professional life.


Leading teams

Conversation techniques

Open and honest conversations promote communication, collaboration and growth within organizations.

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