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Strengthening leadership and feedback culture with Selfie 360

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) aims to build strong leadership skills and an effective feedback culture among its employees. In this case study, we highlight a project that aimed to strengthen the leadership model and feedback culture within the organization.

De aanleiding voor het project was de behoefte van de TU Delft om werknemers bewuster te maken van hun leiderschapsvaardigheden en hen de mogelijkheid te bieden feedback te ontvangen ter bevordering van hun persoonlijke groei.




Selfie360 as a solution

In collaboration with InContext, the Selfie360 tool was developed. This innovative tool allowed participants to rate themselves on all aspects of the TU Delft leadership profile. The tool offered both the ability to rate behaviors for frequency and to assess the individual importance of the behavior for the role.

Participants could also request feedback from peers, giving them valuable insights into how their behavior was perceived. This feedback was added to the report participants received, allowing them to take targeted steps for personal growth and development on each component of their leadership profile.


360 graden feedback has never been easier!

The result of the implementation of the Selfie360 tool was an increased awareness among employees about relevant leadership components and opportunities for growth. The tool was rolled out organization-wide, with participants able to schedule sessions at their own pace.

By using the Selfie360 tool, TU Delft created a culture where giving and receiving feedback became easier. This has strengthened the feedback culture and contributed to improved communication and collaboration at all leadership levels.


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