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Leadership Development for Managers


Every year, several hundred PwC Professionals make the transition to their first managerial position. This changes their role considerably, and this new role demands a lot from these first-time managers. To support them in this crucial role, PwC has asked InContext to provide a leadership program for these managers. The goal is to help these managers discover, develop and strengthen their own unique leadership style, while strengthening their place within PwC and accelerating their growth.


Our approach

We have developed a personal leadership program that enables more than 200 new managers each year to explore their own values, qualities and challenges. We offer them the opportunity to identify their growth potential as leaders so they can become the leaders they want to be. This highly personalized program connects participants to their own beliefs, values and skills while tying these to the needs of their team and the organization. They get to experiment with behaviors and become the most effective leaders they can be.


What did it achieve?

New managers now have a deep understanding of their own behavior, the benefits it brings and the undiscovered opportunities they can still take advantage of. The personal and practical nature of our program allows participants to immediately put their insights to work and apply them in practice. This has a direct effect within the organization, allowing PwC to build on a solid group of leaders who feel connected to each other and the organization. They create value for themselves, their people and PwC.


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Develop the skills and insights needed to provide inspirational leadership and lead teams to success.

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