Planon | Overcoming collaboration challenges

Overcoming collaboration challenges


Getting teams from diverse cultures and countries to work together effectively can be a complex task, especially when employees have been with a company for a considerable amount of time and new hires struggle to adapt. Such was the case at Planon, an international software company specializing in real estate and facility management. The company struggled with challenges of self-organization, ownership, continuous improvement, employee retention and customer focus.


Our approach

There was an urgent need to address these challenges, and together with InContext it was decided to take action. Through interviews with managers, internal customers and employees, this provided a good picture of the situation and the specific needs of the company, which resulted in the development of a comprehensive training program.


A comprehensive training program as a solution

The program consisted of three modules, each consisting of two sessions. Each session was delivered online, allowing participants to easily participate from home. The training program covered topics such as self-organization, ownership, continuous improvement, employee retention, job satisfaction, customer focus and effective communication across diverse cultural backgrounds.

The training program produced extremely positive results. Participants reported that they got to know their colleagues better and gained deeper insight into their diverse points of view. The training encouraged a culture of openness and led to higher team commitment and ambition to achieve shared goals. Moreover, the program aligned seamlessly with the SCRUM methodology, enabling faster implementation and participants actively contributing to areas for improvement. It also stimulated discussions between sessions, and resulted in a stronger focus on customer satisfaction and improved service delivery.


Breaking borders: Achieving international cooperation successes

This training program not only improved collaboration within Planon’s teams, but also had broader benefits for the organization as a whole. It fostered a culture of openness, collaboration and customer focus. This successful approach demonstrates that it is possible to overcome international collaboration challenges while positively impacting business results.


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