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Introducing trainees to leadership


O-I is a leading global glass manufacturer with as many as 70 factories across 19 countries. Every year O-I welcomes a new group of talented trainees in Europe. These young professionals follow a year-long intensive trainee program, during which they have the opportunity to experience different rotations within the company. Upon completion of the traineeship, many of them advance to managerial positions.



An unforgettable experience

O-I asked us to create an extraordinary experience to wrap up the trainee year, with a focus on leadership development. Together with O-I, we designed a unique and engaging experience that brings together all trainees from Europe to go through this event together.

A customized serious game

This particular experience consists of a challenging serious game where participants go through different levels and learn to deal with various challenges. The game is designed to integrate themes such as feedback, learning from each other and practicing skills in challenging situations.

During the game, trainees are challenged to cooperate, make decisions under pressure and demonstrate their leadership skills. They are exposed to realistic and recognizable scenarios that help them grow and enhance their ability to handle complex situations. Through interactive exercises and moments of reflection, trainees are encouraged to develop and strengthen their leadership skills. The trainees are encouraged to identify their strengths, receive feedback and apply self-reflection to further harness their growth potential. This provides trainees with the tools and insights needed to further develop and refine their leadership skills.

Future full of success

This experience is a milestone for the trainees, not only celebrating their achievements over the past year, but also laying a strong foundation for their future leadership roles within O-I. It creates a close bond between the trainees and strengthens the cooperation and knowledge exchange within the company.

Also curious about what we can do for your organization in terms of leadership development, or curious about a fully customized serious game for your organization?

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