KLM | Customized leadership program for entry-level managers



Customized leadership program for entry-level managers

KLM places great importance on leadership in a dynamic and demanding industry. To help their entry-level leaders excel, we have developed a customized leadership program in partnership with KLM. It is an inspiring journey where participants strengthen their leadership skills, build valuable networks and better understand their role within the organization.



Inspiring leadership journey

Participants go through this program together with fellow leaders, sharing valuable insights and learning from each other. The journey begins by exploring one’s own personality and discovering ways to make the most of one’s strengths and gain insight into one’s own (limiting) beliefs.

They then focus on their role as leaders, both within the team and in the broader organization. They learn how to motivate and inspire their team, and how to create a safe and supportive work environment. In addition, they have the opportunity to practice challenging conversations with the help of experienced actors.

During the leadership journey, we bring starting leaders in contact with experienced role models within KLM. These role models share their experiences and advice, giving participants a broader perspective on leadership within the organization.

After each module, we encourage the starting executives to apply the acquired insights and skills in practice. We encourage them to conduct concrete experiments to further their growth and development.

Visible growth in leadership skills

The effect of the program is evident. The entry-level leaders show significant growth in their leadership skills, which is also noted by their supervisors. In addition, participants build valuable relationships with other entry-level leaders, who continue to support and inspire each other even after the program is completed.

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Develop the skills and insights needed to provide inspiring leadership and lead teams to success.

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